I’ve moved….to another blog

The time has come for me to finally combine my blogs in one and sadly that means that I will no longer be publishing posts in this blog.


I have 2 active blogs, one is purely about makeup – MsChikee and the other one is this baby, Working Mummy Chronicles.

This change means that I’m changing my MsChikee Blog to not only feature makeup posts but also my typical mummy posts that I usually posts here.

I hope to you see on the other blog and thank you for being my reader for the short time that I was blogging here.

Creating this blog made me realise the need for me to grow and has liberated me from just blogging about makeup. It was evident that my priorities have changed and while I love makeup and all things beauty, I enjoyed writing about my life as a mummy.

So see you on the other blog, i hope!


Working Mummy Chronicles



How does it feel to be pregnant again?

A common question I get from people is How does it feel to be pregnant again?  Which is then followed by Is it any different with your first pregnancy? 

Yes, each of my pregnancies are different from each other. 

My first pregnancy was a dream. Less to no symptoms. I was naive and didn’t know much of the aches and pains that a pregnancy brings but I welcomed them with open arms and such enthusiasm. I was grateful for every pain, every stretch marks and the exhaustion? They were reminders that I am going through something magical. I thought I was a walking miracle and it felt so good knowing a tiny human is growing in me. I was my biology class in action!

My second pregnancy was a surprise but sadly it was over before I can even appreciate the “real” symptoms even though my body refused to miscarry on its own. I didn’t enjoy any bit in that pregnancy to say the least.

Now, my third pregnancy and hopefully my second baby that I get to meet, cuddle, raise, the works. This one is so different. I am grateful for the chance to experience it again but it is soooooo different.  I can only describe this like so…..

Dear readers, I need you to turn on your imagination…..

Imagine a drill sargent or maybe a basket ball coach trying to gather its troops/team and by troops/team I mean your organs, hormones, emotions, weight, body parts, etc.


Loud siren continues to wake the whole body up.

Drill Sargent blows his whistle, “ALL RIGHT, LISTEN UP, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL. A conception has taken place and HQ wants everyone to know their new job assignments. I don’t want to hear any complaints. What HQ decides, we do. Now, wait for further instructions. Dismissed!”

*Mummy pees in cup and dipped her last remaining digital test in it. Waiting, Waiting, Waiting. POSTIVE! Mummy is now in shock*

Drill Sargent blows his whistle again with so much gusto this time, “ALL RIGHT, LISTEN UP!! MUMMY NOW KNOWS SHE’S PREGNANT. WE ARE OFFICIALLY IN BUSINESS! WHEN I CALL YOUR NAME, LISTEN CLOSELY AND LISTEN WELL….. GAS PAIN, your job is done. Mummy got the message. Take a rest and wait for further instructions. BLOAT, LET’S START WITH YOU!”

Drill Sargent: Bloat, I need you to be front runner and go big. The bigger you go the happier HQ will be. I repeat go big! And don’t even take a break until Mummy is past 12 week! If you can, make sure Mummy looks about 6months pregnant now, that’s the goal!

Bloat: Aye, Aye, Sir.

Drill Sargent: Uterus, you’re up!

Uterus: Yes, sir, yes!

Drill Sargent: All right uterus, you’re the star. Make sure the house is ready for our guest. Once you receive the package, make sure it has plenty of space. Remember your last position when the giant baby was inside you? Start with that size! Don’t go stingy on space. Go big. Mummy makes giant babies so please adjust your real estate fast.

Uterus: Aye, Aye, Sir

Drill Sargent: Next up, Cervix and Vagina! CERVIX, close up and go high. If you feel something poking you, release some pink pigment. You are closed for now.  Close your doors and lock it. I’ll let you know when is your grand re-opening. And you VAGINA, go dry up for now. OK, that’s all I’ve got for you two.

Vagina and Cervix: Aye, Aye, Sir!

Drill Sargent: BOOBS you’re up. You need to be sore and take it a notch higher. No one can touch you, not even a bra. You need to go big as well. Remember your last size during the giant baby time, start with that and grow more.

Boobs: Should I be itchy too?

Drill Sargent checks the list, “Yes be itchy but also on fire when you get itched by Mummy”

Drill Sargent: Nose, Back, Hips! All of you… we need you to go WIDE.

Nose: As wide as before when Giant Baby was here?

Drill Sargent: Yes, wider and increase your senses. You will help Nausea and Morning Sickness.

Back: But Sir, I never went back to how I was after Giant Baby, should I still go WIDE?

Drill Sargent: YES! And ache sometimes. No more questions.

Hips: Widening now as we speak sir.

Drill Sargent: Good job hips. I want Mummy to wobble as early as possible. Suits her right for not exercising. And oh Vagina, you will start feeling like you’ve been punched.

Drill Sargent: Stretchmarks! I want you to hide for a bit. You’re not needed. I don’t want you anywhere close any skin at the moment. Go dark.

Drill Sargent:  Last one for now, where are NAUSEA and MORNING SICKNESS? 

Nausea and Morning Sickness: We are here sir!

Drill Sargent: You twins are going big stars! HQ wants you to go crazy. Be creative. Linger all day if you want or even while Mummy is asleep. If you don’t want anything she ate or drank, push them back where they came from. Make sure Mummy can’t do much. Go wild. She’ll probably take some medication but ignore it. Go BIG! It’s your time to shine. Don’t stop until I tell you so. Do you copy? A lot of the key players are going to help you achieve your goals, like Nose, he knows what to do.

Nausea and Morning Sickness: Yes sir!

Drill Sargent: Wait, wait, I have one more in my list…. Where are HORMONES?!

Hormones: We are here sir!

Drill Sargent: Please work hand in hand with Nausea and Morning Sickness. Populate like no other. I want crying for no reason. I want mood swings through the roof. I want extreme happiness and then anger. We are getting some reinforcements to help our buddy progesterone but the rest of you multiply like no other, except you Libido, you’ve done enough. Go dark now.

Drill Sargent: All right, that’s all the assignments I have for now, I’ll be back in 3 months time for more assignments. Make me proud! DISMISSED!

And folks that’s how different this pregnancy is and we are only past the first trimester.

But I am savouring every single twinge, aches, pains…. to be able to experience this again is just icing on my cake 🙂

I had the most fun writing this and hope you enjoyed reading.

Happy Wednesday!




The indecisive toddler

I thought I was indecisive until I met my toddler. I don’t always know what to have for dinner or what shoes to wear.

It’s fine if it’s just about not having a decision at that very minute. The sad part is, it usually comes with a tantrum (or tantrums if you’re lucky) because God forbid you don’t know what they really (really) want nor have the slightest clue of what they need based on the kind of whining sound they produce, that child is going to do whatever it takes to let you (I mean “us” the parents) know how wrong we are for not knowing. Because we should know, it’s in the Toddler for Dummies book, these toddlers write it as you go, it’s quite impressive (not).

Over the last few months, my defiant trying-to-be-too-independent toddler, has developed his language so beautifully. He can pretty much have a whinge in full sentences now as oppose to that sound all toddlers make when they are not happy with something/someone. You know, the sound! There’s a sound for everything too in case you’re not tuned in yet or your toddler is just learning the falsettos.

So I’ve written down some of the most recent Indecisive antics my Bean has graced me with: (Enjoy!)

“I don’t want to watch the Wiggles mummy!” as he rolls (more like wriggles) off the couch on to the floor. I turned off the TV as implied. Then BAM! “I was watching it!!!!!!!” and the said child committed himself to a tantrum.

I asked Bean what he wanted for breakfast. He replied with “Cereal please mummy”. This is already a trap (I know), the lack of cereal information trap and I dared cross it. I poured him some Milo Cereal, you know, Dealers choice. Then BAM! “I don’t like cereal!!!!!, I want toast”, the said child committed himself to a tantrum.

“Mummy, let’s do something”, so I said, “Do you want to make some cupcakes?” and he replied, “YESS Please mummy, I love making cupcakes with you” (aww, sweet). So we did. When the cupcakes were ready, I placed a freshly frosted cupcake in front of him and then BAM! “I don’t like cupcakes, I want brownies!!”. We lined them cupcake tins together. He saw cupcakes rising. We frosted the said cupcakes too.

Beach or Park? He said beach! So Daddy and I packed our stuff and supplies, more like the entire house into a giant beach bag. We get to the beach and BAM! “I don’t want to go to the beach”.


“Mummy, I want to call grandma please. I want to talk to her face”. He meant FaceTime. We dialed and grandma picks up and then BAM! “I don’t want to talk to grandma!”


“Bean! I’ve got your shirts on your bed. You have 2, please choose which one you’d like to wear.” The little man checked the bed, decided that neither of the shirts is to be his OOTD so he opened his closet and chose what he’d like to wear. Fair enough. The boy knows what he wants. Kudos. I put the shirt of choice on him. We then went to brush our teeth and he saw his reflection then his shirt then BAM! “I don’t want this shirt!”


“I love strawberries”, a confession (or perhaps a lie) uttered to the lady at Coles. We got home and I cut the said strawberries, presented it to my toddler and BAM!! “I don’t like strawberries”.

“Daddy, let’s play hide-and-seek”. Daddy starts counting. Bean starts hiding. Daddy finds him and then BAM! “I don’t want to play hide-and-seek”. 


The End.



These shenanigans were only this weekend. Two full days of I-want-this then I-don’t-want-this + tantrum. And whenever the tantrum comes about, I tend to break a laugh or two but other times, I lose it. I am human ok. My patience is not bottomless.

80% of the time, after the complaint has been made in a form of a tantrum, he comes around and commit to his initial decision anyway. Go figure.

One day, I’ll figure this toddler thing like a pro and then he’ll be pre-adolescent and I have to figure him out all over again.

I’m pretty sure I am not alone when I say that toddlers have commitment issues. LOL.

It’s hilarious most of the times really.

This post is inspired by Spazmodious of The K J Chronilces. If you haven’t yet, go follow him, he’s HILARIOUS!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!