Welcome to WMC.

Hi! I am Sheryl and this my blog. Welcome!

I am a new mummy to a 2 year old boy I’d like to call Bean. He’s your typical toddler, climbing and jumping off unsafe platforms or building race tracks for days or dancing to Frozen songs while wearing a dress. Standard. He also loves to scream in public especially in nice restaurants.Typical. But he is the most affectionate and sweetest boy in the whole world and he loves me, his mummy! I am also happily married to my darling husband I’d like to call “J”  or  Mr WMC.

I work full-time and I love my job. I also love my boss because she understands that family comes first. Always. But the guilt is always there. Am I spending enough time with my son? Am I doing the right thing? Is he happy? Is he enjoying his time away from me? Am I working to my capabilities? Am I meeting my career goals?  The struggle to find the balance is real, and I know I am not alone. A lot of mummies (and daddies) dance around this thing called guilt on a daily basis. It is part of the deal, part of parenthood.

So why start a blog, you ask.

Simple answer: I had a bad week with Bean. He is secretly trying to break me, pushing me to the end of my wits. He was basically a little shit. I want to write all my feelings and stuff hoping another parent will read it and tells me “Hey, I know how you feel” and virtually hugs me.

Real Answer: Well, it’s basically for me. For my sanity, an outlet to vent what I like to call “my own parenting fails”. A place to share the my own parenting successes and lessons learned so I can be reminded that sometimes I don’t have to be too hard on myself.

I also hope this blog helps other parents, where they can read and have a laugh and say “yup, that’s me too!”. By no means I would be writing how to raise children or do’s and don’t of potty training, heck no! But I plan to write in a comical way. Truthfully, I guess.

This blog shouldn’t be taken too seriously. My aim is to make this space fun, easy-to-relate-to and real. I want to build a community where readers can comment and feel safe.

Why call it Working Mummy Chronicles?

I am a working mummy and this is my diary 😉


So to celebrate the birth of this blog, let’s all touch our monitors and high-five each other. We are all amazing. Fuck the guilt. We do what we can for our family. We’ve got this.


*Shakes Hand with everyone*