I am pregnant!

Yes, you read that right, I am pregnant! After a year of trying and failing, it finally happened.


People told me that once we stopped trying then it will happen. I hated that advice with a passion. I never once thought of myself being able to not try, I know too much about my body now and my ovulation, it’s just too hard to switch off, but that’s how this new journey started. We stopped trying.

We decided to stop trying (aka for me to stop obsessing about everything) until we see a Fertility Specialist. It’s been a year and  it was time to see a specialist. I got all my paperworks, first appointment booked and a doctor’s referral. I got it all sorted and we were just waiting for the day.

I cancelled the appointment.

Story Time!

Five days before the appointment, I had a terrible gas pain. For the first time I didn’t associate it as pregnancy symptom, instead, I put it down as something I ate like a normal person would. The day carried on as normal, chasing taming a toddler, cooking, cleaning, complaining about gas pain, toddler in timeout, laundry. It was a public holiday, long weekend.

The following day was different, I still had the gas pain and I can’t seem to relieve myself with all the remedies I can think of to release the bad gas. So I decided to pee on a cheapie stick at 4am in the morning, because why not. If I can’t get rid of the bad gas, I’ll just pee on the stick.

3 minutes passed.

Picture me in the toilet holding up the cheapie pregnancy test, trying to find the best possible light/angle because I swear I can see a second line. I swear!

5 minutes passed.

Picture me in the toilet now wearing my glasses, holding up the cheapie pregnancy test, bending backward and forward, still looking for the best possible angle, because I really see a very faint second line.

Nah, it can’t be. It’s 4am and I am possibly sleep walking.

I threw the cheapie stick in the bin.

I pulled it out.

I wrapped it in toilet paper then threw it in the bin.

I pulled it out again and took it with me to bed, clutching it in my hand.

I then put it in my bedside drawer.

I went back to sleep.

Seven O’clock alarm woke up and he is screaming Mummy. I got up and first thing I checked was my drawer. Did it really happened?

I carefully opened the drawer, cautious that something will just jump at me. I saw the tissue paper, shook my head in disbelief, I opened it, blinked a few times to adjust my eyes, and there I see the second line.

And so I held my pee for 2 hours

I did another cheapie pregnancy test, in secret. The husband mustn’t know.

3 minutes passed.

I see a much darker second line.

Wait, don’t celebrate yet. Don’t even jump. What should I do?

I was confused. I was happy and scared at the same time. I was only 10DPO (days past ovulation). Why am I getting a positive test this early?

I kept the secret for one more day because I was still convinced it’s a false positive.

Sunday, I woke up at 6am with a mission.

I took my only and last digital pregnancy test from my secret stash and headed to the other toilet. Away from the husband.

I didn’t want to mess it up so I peed in a cup.

Dipped the digital test in the cup.

5 LOOOOOOONG Minutes passed

The “hourglass” was still blinking. At that point, I was feeling deflated. It shouldn’t take that long, should it?

I started filming myself and the blinking hourglass. I thought I’d document what’s happening.

And BAM!

Pregnant. 1-2 weeks.

I didn’t know what to do. I was shaking.

I sat down the toilet (lid closed).

I stood up.

Paced a little.

I was still filming. Cut the filming. Looked at the test. Sat down the toilet again.

After an hour, I woke up the husband and presented him the most unhygienic yet most wonderful gift.

End of Story time.

It was a very confusing time. I wanted to be excited but I can’t. I was emotionally cautious. I didn’t want to get hurt again and have my hopes up.

It was not until I had my first scan and saw a pebble looking blob with a strong heartbeat at 6w3d, that I realised I am indeed pregnant.

My son is inlove with the belly and my husband and whole family are just as excited as I am.

I am now 14w and counting and I can’t wait until I meet this baby. I think this time he/she is ready to be part of our family.

If you read the whole post, thank you. High Five!

Hope it’s warm and sunny where you are 🙂


Top 10 things I did as new mother that I laugh about now

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I attended a Potty Training workshop last night, not for me, for my son. I pretty much nailed my own potty training thank you very much. My son, not so much.

The workshop lady was rude reminded us about the time when we first took our new born (or newborns) home.

Did we know what we’re doing? NO.

Did we figure it out? Eventually

Did we shed a tear or two over something so small? YES

Being a new parent with a new baby you haven’t met before it daunting. I know I am not alone in this, we all did something back then that we can honestly laugh about it now.

Let’s start


The first time I changed Bean’s onesie (at the hospital), he cried. I called the nurse straight-away and said in full panic, “I was just trying to change his clothes and then he cried so loud!”. Yup. He’s a newborn, of course he’ll cry.


I decided to put half a scoop of formula in a 25ml water because Bean may only need half of his 50ml top up. Yup. He got constipated instead. Never mess with formula measurement y’all. Make 50ml and feed him half of it. 


I found Bean looking too red and feeling too warm, he was only 4 weeks old. I rang HealthDirect because I thought he’s having convulsions. Nope. He’s overheating from 10 layers of clothes. Ok 3 layers.


While changing his nappy after our 3am feed, I decided to leave ALL lights off so I don’t wake him up. He sharted at my faceMy fault, I had to put my face too close.


The first time Bean slept through the night (7pm to 7am), I was up every 3 hours pacing around his bassinet. Is he OK? Does he need to eat? Should he eat? Why is he sleeping?


First time I clipped his nails, I clipped some of his skin too and he started bleeding. I cried for hours. I broke my baby. 


The second time he slept through the night, I was still up every 3 hours pacing around his bassinet. Yup. You think I’d learn?


The first time he got constipated (from that formula incident), I was coaching him (a 5 day old baby), as if he’s a woman in labour. Push baby push. It’s ok, breathe breathe, now push baby push.


The first vomit he’s ever done (just a few hours old) came out of his mouth and nose while asleep next to me in the hospital. I pretty much called CODE BLUE to the entire nursing team. Dramatic.

TEN: (my favourite)

When Bean was only a few days old, we rushed him to Emergency Department because he was sleeping for 4 hours straight. Yup. He was fine. We are absolutely out of our minds thinking is he dying? Why is he sleeping this long?

I guess it comes with the parenting package, the worry and panic. The first 4 weeks are the most nerve wracking but it did get better and now he’s 3!

Do you have any of these moments? I am sure you do too!

It’s hump day!




ps. yes i love Kirsten Wiig. If my life is made to a movie, I want her to play me. Ignore the fact that I am asian.

Breaking our Routine

Here’s a reality, I spend a good amount of my day at work, and by home time, it’s a mad rush to do dinner then bath then bed. I am knackered!

Part of me is comfortable with the rush but another part of me wants something more, something new, something memorable, perhaps a  new family tradition.

So I broke our routine.

Mummy: let’s go watch the sunset tonight while we eat our dinner.

Daddy: Where?

Mummy: Beach!

Daddy: What do we eat?

Mummy: Fish N Chips

And that’s how our Friday Night Sunset Dinners (at the beach) was born.

Luckily, the city we live in is never short of a beautiful beach. We have plenty. Loads. 

Bean loves Friday Night Sunset Dinners! He gets to chase seagulls and play catch with the waves. He also get to have his favourite Hello Panda cookies while he say goodnight to the sun.


We as a family, just needed to make an effort to commit to change our routine. Get out of our comfort zone and stop complaining we’re tired. Making the change happen is just a challenging as planning the activity but it’s a must for me. I had to forgo vacuuming a few times just so we could do something as a family. Fuck Cleaning!

I mean, since I started working full-time, my days off are extra special. The weekends are appreciated a lot more. I get so annoyed when friends cancel on me last minute on weekends because I could’ve planned something with the family. That’s how important my weekends have become and to have more family dates on weeknights, that’s me living the dream. The dream of finding the right work-life balance that works for our family.

The aim was to make beautiful memories for Bean. He’s always been our driving force to be better and sometimes all we have to do is break our routine.

It’s Easier said than done, I know. (but it’s possible!) I guess it’s easy for me now with one child. Who knows how it will be with another one, when it happens. I hope it happens.

That’s me and my rambles.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


Working Mummy Chronicles

Boy in a dress

This post is probably boy-centric because it’s about a boy who wore a dress, and by boy I mean Bean.


I picked up Bean at daycare and he happily and very excitedly greeted me wearing a fairy dress. He twirled, lifted the skirt and took a bow. His face was PRICELESS. He was extremely proud of the dress as if it’s the BEST idea ever.

“Mummy, look at my dress!”

My reaction was pure love and admiration for my boy. I bowed as he bowed and I took his hand for a dance. Obviously he didn’t quite understand my dance moves so he gave me a big cuddle instead.

I couldn’t get the dress out of the boy. He wanted to wear it going home. He was absolutely beaming while he pleaded if we could show daddy now. I want to show daddy now!

So off we went to see daddy at a sporting event with some friends. As we enter the place, my Bean shouted from the top of his lungs, “Daddy! Look at my dress!” and daddy proudly responded with open arms and a big “WOW! Look at that cool dress!!”.

Let’s pause for bit and draw that scene in our heads….

My friends, if I was able to capture Bean’s reaction on camera, I would be printing and framing it and give it all to family members. It was the most beautiful reaction. He was so happy that his dad LOVED his dress as much I loved it. He was beyond joy and I was beyond words.

Now, let’s talk about other people’s reaction when they saw my son wearing a dress that afternoon. Some gave the usual “aww”(that’s so cute) and others are more “what the?” and then there were the “unimpressed” ones with just a puzzled look and a lot of head shaking, more like disapproving looks. Why? Because of a dress? Come of it! 

Thankfully, my son didn’t take notice at all. He was all about showing his dad the dress. I surely didn’t think it means anything nor did I worry about it. Who cares?! It was a decision my son made because he felt like it! Perhaps he thought it will make singing Frozen songs with his friends extra more special or maybe he just wanted to wear a dress. Plain and simple.

I think we as adults tend to define gender into everything, sometimes consciously and other times you don’t even realise you’re doing it. There’s nothing wrong with it really, it just shows our perceptions/beliefs about the whole boy/girl distinction. It could be from how we were raised or the generation of parents/carers we had. I think it’s only wrong when there is shaming involved just because it’s different from the norm.

If a toddler picks pink water bottle as his favourite or a doll over trucks or dress over pants, it doesn’t matter, they are toddlers. They play/wear what they want, when they want. They have the purest of minds. We (as parents/guardians) corrupt those minds. Their perception about a lot of things are from us, our teachings. So I urge the parents to teach compassion and acceptance over hate.

You see, I ramble a lot. Like a lot! I really just want to share that beautiful moment of my little boy in dress.

A simple fairy dress has made me feel very proud  of my Bean, very happy I am his mummy and extremely lucky I’m married to Mr WCM.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!