Top 10 things I did as new mother that I laugh about now

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I attended a Potty Training workshop last night, not for me, for my son. I pretty much nailed my own potty training thank you very much. My son, not so much.

The workshop lady was rude reminded us about the time when we first took our new born (or newborns) home.

Did we know what we’re doing? NO.

Did we figure it out? Eventually

Did we shed a tear or two over something so small? YES

Being a new parent with a new baby you haven’t met before it daunting. I know I am not alone in this, we all did something back then that we can honestly laugh about it now.

Let’s start


The first time I changed Bean’s onesie (at the hospital), he cried. I called the nurse straight-away and said in full panic, “I was just trying to change his clothes and then he cried so loud!”. Yup. He’s a newborn, of course he’ll cry.


I decided to put half a scoop of formula in a 25ml water because Bean may only need half of his 50ml top up. Yup. He got constipated instead. Never mess with formula measurement y’all. Make 50ml and feed him half of it. 


I found Bean looking too red and feeling too warm, he was only 4 weeks old. I rang HealthDirect because I thought he’s having convulsions. Nope. He’s overheating from 10 layers of clothes. Ok 3 layers.


While changing his nappy after our 3am feed, I decided to leave ALL lights off so I don’t wake him up. He sharted at my faceMy fault, I had to put my face too close.


The first time Bean slept through the night (7pm to 7am), I was up every 3 hours pacing around his bassinet. Is he OK? Does he need to eat? Should he eat? Why is he sleeping?


First time I clipped his nails, I clipped some of his skin too and he started bleeding. I cried for hours. I broke my baby. 


The second time he slept through the night, I was still up every 3 hours pacing around his bassinet. Yup. You think I’d learn?


The first time he got constipated (from that formula incident), I was coaching him (a 5 day old baby), as if he’s a woman in labour. Push baby push. It’s ok, breathe breathe, now push baby push.


The first vomit he’s ever done (just a few hours old) came out of his mouth and nose while asleep next to me in the hospital. I pretty much called CODE BLUE to the entire nursing team. Dramatic.

TEN: (my favourite)

When Bean was only a few days old, we rushed him to Emergency Department because he was sleeping for 4 hours straight. Yup. He was fine. We are absolutely out of our minds thinking is he dying? Why is he sleeping this long?

I guess it comes with the parenting package, the worry and panic. The first 4 weeks are the most nerve wracking but it did get better and now he’s 3!

Do you have any of these moments? I am sure you do too!

It’s hump day!




ps. yes i love Kirsten Wiig. If my life is made to a movie, I want her to play me. Ignore the fact that I am asian.


7 thoughts on “Top 10 things I did as new mother that I laugh about now

  1. LOL. I may not totally relate in all your items but your experiences are as hilarious as some of mine. My son is 3 years old too and I still have funny moments while taking care of him. I guess this is neverending and we have to bear with it. 🙂 Great post!


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