The indecisive toddler

I thought I was indecisive until I met my toddler. I don’t always know what to have for dinner or what shoes to wear.

It’s fine if it’s just about not having a decision at that very minute. The sad part is, it usually comes with a tantrum (or tantrums if you’re lucky) because God forbid you don’t know what they really (really) want nor have the slightest clue of what they need based on the kind of whining sound they produce, that child is going to do whatever it takes to let you (I mean “us” the parents) know how wrong we are for not knowing. Because we should know, it’s in the Toddler for Dummies book, these toddlers write it as you go, it’s quite impressive (not).

Over the last few months, my defiant trying-to-be-too-independent toddler, has developed his language so beautifully. He can pretty much have a whinge in full sentences now as oppose to that sound all toddlers make when they are not happy with something/someone. You know, the sound! There’s a sound for everything too in case you’re not tuned in yet or your toddler is just learning the falsettos.

So I’ve written down some of the most recent Indecisive antics my Bean has graced me with: (Enjoy!)

“I don’t want to watch the Wiggles mummy!” as he rolls (more like wriggles) off the couch on to the floor. I turned off the TV as implied. Then BAM! “I was watching it!!!!!!!” and the said child committed himself to a tantrum.

I asked Bean what he wanted for breakfast. He replied with “Cereal please mummy”. This is already a trap (I know), the lack of cereal information trap and I dared cross it. I poured him some Milo Cereal, you know, Dealers choice. Then BAM! “I don’t like cereal!!!!!, I want toast”, the said child committed himself to a tantrum.

“Mummy, let’s do something”, so I said, “Do you want to make some cupcakes?” and he replied, “YESS Please mummy, I love making cupcakes with you” (aww, sweet). So we did. When the cupcakes were ready, I placed a freshly frosted cupcake in front of him and then BAM! “I don’t like cupcakes, I want brownies!!”. We lined them cupcake tins together. He saw cupcakes rising. We frosted the said cupcakes too.

Beach or Park? He said beach! So Daddy and I packed our stuff and supplies, more like the entire house into a giant beach bag. We get to the beach and BAM! “I don’t want to go to the beach”.


“Mummy, I want to call grandma please. I want to talk to her face”. He meant FaceTime. We dialed and grandma picks up and then BAM! “I don’t want to talk to grandma!”


“Bean! I’ve got your shirts on your bed. You have 2, please choose which one you’d like to wear.” The little man checked the bed, decided that neither of the shirts is to be his OOTD so he opened his closet and chose what he’d like to wear. Fair enough. The boy knows what he wants. Kudos. I put the shirt of choice on him. We then went to brush our teeth and he saw his reflection then his shirt then BAM! “I don’t want this shirt!”


“I love strawberries”, a confession (or perhaps a lie) uttered to the lady at Coles. We got home and I cut the said strawberries, presented it to my toddler and BAM!! “I don’t like strawberries”.

“Daddy, let’s play hide-and-seek”. Daddy starts counting. Bean starts hiding. Daddy finds him and then BAM! “I don’t want to play hide-and-seek”. 


The End.



These shenanigans were only this weekend. Two full days of I-want-this then I-don’t-want-this + tantrum. And whenever the tantrum comes about, I tend to break a laugh or two but other times, I lose it. I am human ok. My patience is not bottomless.

80% of the time, after the complaint has been made in a form of a tantrum, he comes around and commit to his initial decision anyway. Go figure.

One day, I’ll figure this toddler thing like a pro and then he’ll be pre-adolescent and I have to figure him out all over again.

I’m pretty sure I am not alone when I say that toddlers have commitment issues. LOL.

It’s hilarious most of the times really.

This post is inspired by Spazmodious of The K J Chronilces. If you haven’t yet, go follow him, he’s HILARIOUS!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!




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