Breaking our Routine

Here’s a reality, I spend a good amount of my day at work, and by home time, it’s a mad rush to do dinner then bath then bed. I am knackered!

Part of me is comfortable with the rush but another part of me wants something more, something new, something memorable, perhaps a  new family tradition.

So I broke our routine.

Mummy: let’s go watch the sunset tonight while we eat our dinner.

Daddy: Where?

Mummy: Beach!

Daddy: What do we eat?

Mummy: Fish N Chips

And that’s how our Friday Night Sunset Dinners (at the beach) was born.

Luckily, the city we live in is never short of a beautiful beach. We have plenty. Loads. 

Bean loves Friday Night Sunset Dinners! He gets to chase seagulls and play catch with the waves. He also get to have his favourite Hello Panda cookies while he say goodnight to the sun.


We as a family, just needed to make an effort to commit to change our routine. Get out of our comfort zone and stop complaining we’re tired. Making the change happen is just a challenging as planning the activity but it’s a must for me. I had to forgo vacuuming a few times just so we could do something as a family. Fuck Cleaning!

I mean, since I started working full-time, my days off are extra special. The weekends are appreciated a lot more. I get so annoyed when friends cancel on me last minute on weekends because I could’ve planned something with the family. That’s how important my weekends have become and to have more family dates on weeknights, that’s me living the dream. The dream of finding the right work-life balance that works for our family.

The aim was to make beautiful memories for Bean. He’s always been our driving force to be better and sometimes all we have to do is break our routine.

It’s Easier said than done, I know. (but it’s possible!) I guess it’s easy for me now with one child. Who knows how it will be with another one, when it happens. I hope it happens.

That’s me and my rambles.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


Working Mummy Chronicles


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