Boy in a dress

This post is probably boy-centric because it’s about a boy who wore a dress, and by boy I mean Bean.


I picked up Bean at daycare and he happily and very excitedly greeted me wearing a fairy dress. He twirled, lifted the skirt and took a bow. His face was PRICELESS. He was extremely proud of the dress as if it’s the BEST idea ever.

“Mummy, look at my dress!”

My reaction was pure love and admiration for my boy. I bowed as he bowed and I took his hand for a dance. Obviously he didn’t quite understand my dance moves so he gave me a big cuddle instead.

I couldn’t get the dress out of the boy. He wanted to wear it going home. He was absolutely beaming while he pleaded if we could show daddy now. I want to show daddy now!

So off we went to see daddy at a sporting event with some friends. As we enter the place, my Bean shouted from the top of his lungs, “Daddy! Look at my dress!” and daddy proudly responded with open arms and a big “WOW! Look at that cool dress!!”.

Let’s pause for bit and draw that scene in our heads….

My friends, if I was able to capture Bean’s reaction on camera, I would be printing and framing it and give it all to family members. It was the most beautiful reaction. He was so happy that his dad LOVED his dress as much I loved it. He was beyond joy and I was beyond words.

Now, let’s talk about other people’s reaction when they saw my son wearing a dress that afternoon. Some gave the usual “aww”(that’s so cute) and others are more “what the?” and then there were the “unimpressed” ones with just a puzzled look and a lot of head shaking, more like disapproving looks. Why? Because of a dress? Come of it! 

Thankfully, my son didn’t take notice at all. He was all about showing his dad the dress. I surely didn’t think it means anything nor did I worry about it. Who cares?! It was a decision my son made because he felt like it! Perhaps he thought it will make singing Frozen songs with his friends extra more special or maybe he just wanted to wear a dress. Plain and simple.

I think we as adults tend to define gender into everything, sometimes consciously and other times you don’t even realise you’re doing it. There’s nothing wrong with it really, it just shows our perceptions/beliefs about the whole boy/girl distinction. It could be from how we were raised or the generation of parents/carers we had. I think it’s only wrong when there is shaming involved just because it’s different from the norm.

If a toddler picks pink water bottle as his favourite or a doll over trucks or dress over pants, it doesn’t matter, they are toddlers. They play/wear what they want, when they want. They have the purest of minds. We (as parents/guardians) corrupt those minds. Their perception about a lot of things are from us, our teachings. So I urge the parents to teach compassion and acceptance over hate.

You see, I ramble a lot. Like a lot! I really just want to share that beautiful moment of my little boy in dress.

A simple fairy dress has made me feel very proud  of my Bean, very happy I am his mummy and extremely lucky I’m married to Mr WCM.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!




2 thoughts on “Boy in a dress

  1. I love that you let your son enjoy wearing the dress and did not shame him for it! I really enjoyed reading this post. The only thing I didn’t like is that you address your brilliant work as “rambling”. It may seem that way to you but trust me: it is good writing and good to read!


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